• HydroGlow 20

    A 20% Hydroquinone serum with natural supporting ingredients

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  • The most potent skin lightener in the world

    From over 5 years of formulation experience and thousands of customer reviews.

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  • The gold standard in dermatology

    Hydroquinone is the only compound clinically proven to reduce pigmentation in the skin

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  • One simple product

    Cleanse, Apply. Two easy steps daily, get lighter, clearer skin.

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Thousands for over 5 Years

From all around the world have called HydroGlow a mircale in a bottle

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My Acne is gone

"My acne was horrible and no amount of makeup could fix the damage that years of breakouts did. After wearing HydroGlow under my makeup for just two months my skin had completely transformed. It actually made my makeup go on smoother right away. I initially used it to remove the scars and even out my skin tone. I could have never expected that over 3 years later my acne is still milder than ever. I continued using it after to remove the tan I had since childhood. My skin lightened at least 5 shades overall.  I don't regret investing in the product at all and I recommend everyone to give it a try. My mom did and she's already seeing great results."

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Formulated to lighten 6 shades

Over 5 years of lab testing. Over 40,000 bottles shipped to over 90 countries.

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