Chelsea's Amazing Before and After

by GlowingOil Admin September 13, 2016

Check out what HydroGlow has done to help Chelsea get her confidence back and face the world fearlessly and flawlessly! For years, she's struggled with Acne Vulagaris and the scars and breakouts began controlling her life. She could not go out when she wanted and staying away from friends and family made her feel very depressed. She's tried product after product, which produced little to no results that never lasted very long.

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Skin Lightening vs Skin Bleaching

by GlowingOil Admin September 06, 2016

Skin lightening involves regulating the amount of Melanin (a protein compound in the skin which is responsible for giving skin it's inherent colour) in the dermis of the skin. Skin bleaching is the actual removal of Melanin in from the Stratum Corneum of the Skin. This is possible with certain destructive compounds like Mercury and Steroids and usually leaves the skin in worse condition than before treatment was started.

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My First Experience Using HydroGlow

by GlowingOil Admin May 10, 2015

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