How to Use

The following steps will help you maximize your results while using HydroGlow. Get the most our of your journey to lighter, clearer skin. Find out more about skin lightening. Need more information? Email us [email protected]


When using Hydroquinone to lighten your skin, it is important that you have a proper skin care regime. Using HydroGlow is as easy as 1-2-3. Below you'll find instructions to help maximize your results.


  1. Cleanse the skin with soap or your favorite cleanser.
  2. Apply a dime sized amount of HydroGlow serum 2x daily (morning and evening). Apply generously enough to saturate skin.
  3. Allow to penetrate outer skin layers by letting it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Layer on Moisturizer if Night or Sunscreen if Morning. Makeup may be applied after this step.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 every day for 6-8 weeks.
  6. Make sure to use a high SPF sunscreen everyday and never use products that contain Hydroquinone in direct sunlight. See product guidelines above.


Week 1: Nothing but smoother feeling skin.
Week 2: Changes in skin texture, some sensitivity.
Week 3: Some dryness and/or redness.
Week 4: Subtle peeling, cracks, sensitivity.
Week 5: Peeling continues, new skin exposed.
Week 6: Peeling stops, underneath skin looks lighter and rejuvenated, smoother and glowing!

A bottle is 4oz or 125ml and should last 6-8 Weeks for all-over face and arm application. Usage of HydroGlow beyond 6 Weeks will restart the cycle and the process will be repeated until the desired outcome is achieved. It is not recommended to use skin lightening products beyond 3 months at a time.


  1. Warming sensation when first applied to cleansed skin.
  2. Exfoliation - At the end of the third week expect your skin will become dry and somewhat reddened. This is normal. A mild topical anti-inflammatory cream may be used to calm skin. After one week, your skin will begin shedding, exposing new skin below.
  3. Skin Lightening - your skin will begin to lighten gradually and subtly. You are urged to read our skin lighteing guide to understand this process.


Test your skin's sensitivity to Hydroquinone by applying HydroGlow to a small test area. Wait 24 hours. If you do not experience any side effects, you may use it as you regularly would.

Product Sensitivity

Hydroquinone is the active ingredient in HydroGlow. It is highly sensitive to sunlight and must be stored in a cool dark area, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life

HydroGlow is a light sensitive product and is formulated to last 6 months in storage and 6-8 Weeks after opening. The entire content should be used up within this time to maximize use and for best results.


HydroGlow contains 4oz or 125ml of serum. Store HydroGlow in an area way from heat, sunlight and excessive moisture. This could be in a cupboard, drawer or cabinet. Do not store in refridgerator.

Do not wear HydroGlow in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Use a water-based moisturizer to alleviate dryness or redness and improve results.

Still need more info?

We've had customers from all over the world, with varying skin tones and textures use HydroGlow with amazing results. It's not uncommon that we hear things like "miracle oil" or "most amazing product ever". Here are some of the questions that we get frequently asked.