HydroGlow (4oz)

GlowingOil Skincare's HydroGlow (4oz) is one of the most potent skin lighteners in the World. A lab-formulated serum that combines the best of science and organics. HydroGlow contains ingredients that are clinically and scientifically proven to permanently and effectively inhibit cellular melanin production. It lightens skin, removes acne scars, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. It also has a profound restorative effect on skin texture.

Contains: Hydroquinone up to 20% USP incorporated into a lightweight base for easy wear.

HydroGlow (4oz) is a product of GlowingOil Skincare. It is GlowingOil Skincare's Proprietary Skincare Formula and is in no way related to any other skincare product/s baring a similar name or likeness to it. Always look for the official GlowingOil Skincare Logo on every bottle to ensure your purchase is genuine. Find out more About Us.